Covid Safety Measures

In England, Scotland and Wales all cinema and theatre patrons must wear Face Coverings, unless exempt. Face coverings can be removed for eating and drinking. Our team will be wearing face coverings and all areas will continue to have the clear Perspex safety screens in place. In our bars and restaurants in England, face coverings are currently not required but most of our team might be wearing face coverings and we will continue to have the clear Perspex safety screens in place. 

In England there are currently no mandated rules for social distancing or table service. 
In Scotland the latest rules to be brought in from 26th December will re-introduce the 1 meter social distancing rule in both cinemas and restaurants, and bookings must be made up of no more than 3 households. In the auditoria, we are using unallocted seating and introduced limited capacities so that bookings cannot exceed 50% of the overall capacity. This means that you will have plenty of room for groups to spread out. We ask that you adhere to the 1 meter rule when choosing your seats on the day, and maintain the 3 household rule. The easiest way to maintain a 1 meter distance is to leave a gap of at least 2 seats between you and the next booking. In the restaurant and bar, table service will be in place. 
In Wales the latest rules to be brought in from 26th December will re-introduce the 2-meter social distancing rule in cinemas, along with the 'rule of six' which means that no booking can exceed 6 people. In the auditoria, 2 meters will be automatically blocked out around all bookings to ensure 2-meter distance is maintained between groups. 

We are still conducting our extensive hygiene regime, and we will continue to conduct regular and thorough surface cleaning to all public areas, as well as enhanced cleaning between performances and restaurant sittings. Sanitising stations remain around the venue, we encourage patrons to use these.

In Engalnd we will continue to display the NHS Track and Trace posters and encourage customers to manually check-in when they arrive should they chose to do so, although it will no longer be mandatory for us to collect or for you to leave details. Proof of a negative test or Covid Pass are not required in England. 
In Scotland patrons must check-in with Test And Protect (or leave written details) at hospitality, but not in Leisure. So we will require this to be actioned by all patrons who dine with us in the restaurant, or having a drink in the bar. Proof of a negative test or Covid Pass are not required in Scotland. 
In Wales all patrons over 18 years must provide Covid Pass or Negative Lateral Flow Test in order to enter the auditorium. There are no medical exemptions to this and these restrictions only apply to the auditorium. There are no restrictions in our foyer/bar/counter areas for those wanting to purchase Tickets, Gift Cards, Snacks and Drinks, etc. You can find the official government guidance here and find out how to get a Covid Pass that is valid in Wales here. It is recommended that patrons use the Test and Trace app or provide written details, but not mandatory.

Advance Booking is strongly advised. Please try to pay by card or contactless where possible, though cash payments will be accepted. Subject to availability tickets can be purchased directly from the box office at the cinema.
In Scotland there is a limit of no more than three households per booking. 
In Wales the rule of six is in place, no booking may exceed 6 people. 

All cinema employees have been trained on the new safety and hygiene measures. We have strict guidelines for any of our colleagues who may begin to show early symptoms to stay away from the cinema. We would welcome all of our patrons to do the same and stay home if they feel unwell. We will be assisting the NHS with Track and Trace apps where possible and customers have provided their details.



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